Flora Day 2021: Children’s Pack

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Flora Day 2021: Children’s Pack

Once again Helston will be quiet on Flora Day and all those excited to take part in the Children’s Dance will have to wait one more year. We wanted to create a moment of shared fun and celebration for all those children at St Michaels Cof E Primary School, Nansloe Academy and Parc Eglos School who are not dancing.

Today we are delivering boxes to each of the schools filled with a special Flora Day pack for each non-dancing pupil.

On 7 May at 11.30am we are going live on Facebook showing pupils how to make their own Hal-an-tow dragon.  If you are not a school pupil and getting a pack you can download you own Hal-an-Tow Dragon and watch live too.

A black and white photographic copy of St Michael’s school children in the Children’s Dance at the bottom of Church Street. Miss Corry, [later Mrs Spencer Johns] is the teacher accompanying the children. Probably 1950’s/early 1960’s

This Flora Day gift pack was made possible through generous funding by FEAST.

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